About Cafe Choca Latte

Cafe Choca Latte is a charming and inviting dessert parlour for delicious and healthy Breakfast and Lunch meals. Our easy breezy coffee shop in Thornton, Kirkcaldy has a drool worthy menu of Breakfast Rolls, fluffy Pancakes, decadent Cakes and savoury Panini Sandwiches - all complementing our barista perfected Coffees, Teas and shakes.

Whether you’re enjoying a sweet treat or a cosy morning feast with friends, let Cafe Choca Latte make it special! And if you can't make it to the cafe, simply place your order online via our Website or App and enjoy our heavenly treats anywhere!

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Taste the Bold and Rich Flavour of Cafe Choca Latte!

Experience the ultimate in flavour, quality and satisfaction with Cafe Choca Latte—we guarantee top taste and quality every time. All of our dishes are made with the freshest premium ingredients, which are responsibly sourced and cooked to perfection, ensuring each and every meal is of the utmost quality. From classic breakfast dishes to light brunches and luscious desserts, we provide a diverse selection of goodies from the first rays of dawn!